Product Design/Industrial Design is our core offer and our strongest DNA. The challenge in all projects is the search for the optimal combination of form, function, ergonomics, etc. and how this affects market performance and the image of our clients. We believe our product design service is as complete, with our long experience, tools, manufacturing knowledge etc.. This means that we will make great products and improve business together with our clients and partners.


Today's products often have a digital interface that complements the physical product. Cube Design has many years experience working with both physical interfaces such as buttons and controls as well as with digital interface . We also assist customers with digital products that support and help the sales of the product, for example, apps or web shop.


To understand the user and it's behaviors are crucial in order to achieve the best end result. Business intelligence, user studies and trend analyzes, we perform frequently at the start-up of projects. Design manual can be a way to sum up after project completion to clarify a new design direction and make it easy for the customer to communicate the new design philosophy internally.


We stress the importance of involving our clients in the process to effectively manage all the excellence that our clients possess, Each within their specialist area We are used to hold creative workshops together with our customers. This is often something that we do during the start up of a new project, but it can also be a completely stand-alone activity to get consensus on an issue or to create a large amount of ideas.a new project,.


The goal is to merge business and creative objectives in a meaningful way that moves design beyond just an aesthetic exercise. When we integrate design processes and design thinking into the larger business goals of our clients, we elevate the concept of design to a strategic tool that businesses can leverage.
Design strategy and identity could be described as inventing the language to express your client’s business strategy most clearly.